Farrah Gray, Entrepreneur

Farrah Gray, born 1984 into the housing projects of Chicago’s South Side, answered the call and reported for duty at a young age in order to support his struggling family.

As a precocious six year old, young Farrah Gray peddled homemade lotion from door to door for $1.50. The youngster also discovered a bourgeoning market for hand-painted rocks that were sold as paperweights, doorstops, and bookends. With his first $50 in profits, our self-starting businessman treated his family to a restaurant meal.


Mr. Gray demonstrated the ability to organize and lead seemingly from birth. The second grader’s business card read ’21st Century CEO,’ and by the age of 10 he had established The Urban Neighborhood Economic Enterprise Club, a group designed to pool and allocate capital towards small businesses. By the age of 12, Farrah had also emerged as a player on the speaking circuit, commanding $10,000 per appearance and co-hosting Backstage Live, a nationally syndicated radio program that was to reach 12 million listeners.


Gray soon established Farr-Out Foods, a New York specialty food retailer targeting a young clientele. Farr-Out Foods was to become the largest coup for the then fourteen year old founder, as sales of the enterprise tallied up at $1.5 Million within the first year. Farrah Gray eventually negotiated the sale of the company at the age of fifteen at over $1 Million.


Mr. Gray had officially become the youngest self-made, African American millionaire – all before being licensed to operate a motor vehicle.


The serial entrepreneur has written the international best seller Reallionaire, established The Realty Pros asset management firm, and is a syndicated columnist through the National Newspapers Publishing Association.


Farrah Gray has evolved from a determined youngster hawking loose, painted rocks from door to door, into a recognized ambassador betwixt the worlds of both commerce and philanthropy. The story is nothing short of truly inspirational.