Pat Mackaronis Describes How to Be an Entrepreneur

The following is a post from Brabble director of business development Pat Mackaronis. Pat is a thought leader and subject matter expert in the fields of entrepreneurship and startups, and has been a self-starting businessman for years.

Over the past year I have came across many people who want to become entrepreneurs but fear became their biggest obstacle. To have success as an entrepreneur is nothing more than a different mindset from your present mind. You are programming your mind to object the reality of going from crib, to cubicle, to casket. We all have experienced seeing some invention or idea and thought to ourselves, “I had that same idea” The difference was the other person mindset was in action as yours remained in fear. I will share with you some attributes that you can put into your life to start programming the way you think.

The first thing first is how you define what an entrepreneur is. The definition I like to use is simple as, a person who solves other people problems. All you have to do is ask yourself, “Do I have what it takes to solve someone’s problem?” Once you have the answer to that question you move into the next step.

Brainstorming is a way to start taking action and begin putting all your thoughts down on paper. Not caring about structure but writing non-stop about what you have to offer to solve someone else problem. I recommend not even thinking too much about what you are going to write down. Like the slogan for Nike say, “Just Do it.”

After you have brainstorm and wrote all your ideas and visions down on paper, take a quick break just to say, ” I am on my way to fulfilling my dream.” Feel great about taking action, because if you are feeling fear or overwhelmed, then maybe you might want to reexamine your passion or idea.

One simple step is to organize that same piece of paper you brainstorm on into a business plan. There are websites like; that contains business plan templates and my favorite site is, which will walk you through the whole process of starting up a business.

Let me take a break and state that you should not have money on your mind right now. It will come a time you have to relax and just concentrate more on your goal. There are two outcomes after you have your business plan, either you will have an affect on your environment or your environment will have an affect on you. Please repeat what I just said because this is what is going to push you forward to get your idea going. You have to be the one to control your environment. You don’t believe in yourself then no one will believe in your services or product you are trying to offer.

The best attribute I can offer is read as much material on what you are trying to accomplish as possible. Successful entrepreneurs educate themselves in their field. While majority of people are sitting on the couch stuffing there minds with false reality of T.V., successful entrepreneurs are at the bookstore and library soaking up all the knowledge that they can endure.

Being an entrepreneur is the new reality. People are tired of going to work for hours out the day for a single pay check, which the government takes 25% of. The economic recession should be a wake up call to people who have the desire within to unleash their true potential. Look at the economic recession as a blessing because you can provide other people with jobs if you use what talent you have and bring it into existence.

To be an entrepreneur means getting over the fear and knowing that you are beyond powerful and well capable to create the life you deserve.

Environmental Management is Good Business: Copenhagen Conference has Refocused People on Environment Management

envsClimate change is not something that will happen in the future; it is already here according a Guardian story on climate change. According to the story, a greater proportion of international disasters are now related to climate. And climate change is just one of the environmental issues facing the world.

Environmental Issues and their Impact

What exactly are environmental issues and how do these specifically affect people? The answer to these questions can be quite revealing (and shocking) to many. Below is an overview:

  • Global Warming: Increased emission of Carbon Dioxide and other hot gases into the environment is the perceived culprit in the climate change and consequent disasters. Climate change can not only result in such direct disasters as hurricanes and long winters but also affect agriculture and food availability.
  • Loss of Biodiversity: It is biodiversity in the form of numerous organisms that makes life on the world sustainable. Organisms make the soil fit for cultivation, destroy pests and maintain climate, among other things. Killing these organisms by destroying forests and other such practices can make life on the planet very different and difficult.
  • Water and Air Pollution: Persistent organic pollutants and toxic materials such as pesticides and industrial wastes can accumulate in living tissues disrupting endocrine systems, suppressing immunity functions and causing reproductive and developmental changes. And the pollutants can travel long distances crossing international borders through air, water and migratory species.
  • Land Degradation: Unsustainable felling of trees and exploitation of water can lead to desertification of presently habitable regions while destruction of mangroves and other practices can lead to erosion of coastal areas.

It will be obvious from the above that life on earth will be a very different proposal in the future if current human practices continue unchecked. The situation will be aggravated when the non-renewable energy sources such as oil get exhausted without any sustainable energy sources replacing them.

Environment Protection Initiatives

Governments and leaders have begun to recognize how serious the situation is and many initiatives are being taken. The Copenhagen Economic conference focused on environmental issues, for example. However, political compulsions and inadequate resources and projects are hampering sufficiently forceful action.

The initiatives include:

  • Creating awareness among the public is a major focus area. Results have also begun to appear with public resistance against many practices that lead to environment damage, such as cutting down trees and the preference for pesticide-free food.
  • Government regulations that have made businesses to take specific actions and avoid others to protect environment and public health. The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) for example administers several laws such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and several others. Trees cut from forests need to be compensated by replanting, fish catch is restricted and pollution control is a major focus area.
  • Research efforts are being intensified to tap renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind power and biomass energy. Biomass energy involves using waste materials such as wood chips, straw, sewage sludge and biowaste to generate energy. Unlike biofuels, biomass does not compete for resources that can be used for food.
  • Reputed businesses are developing alternatives that use less energy. For example, Siemens claims at their website that their combined-cycle power plants use hot waste-gases (that were formerly released into the environment) to generate steam for downstream turbines, reducing fuel needed to generate power by as much as 60%.
  • Standards and Reforms: ISO 14001, published by International Standards Organization, is a standard that seeks to focus the attention of industrial units on environmental issues. Accounting reforms seek to account for environmental costs of business operations, in addition to financial costs.

Businesses that act with environmental responsibility are even beginning to see improvements in their bottom lines.

Environmental management is more about managing the interactions of human societies with the environment rather than managing the environment. Human activities have led to considerable degradation of the environment and the situation is threatening to become dangerous to life on earth. Persistent toxic substances that do not degrade for months to years are already leading to poorer quality of life for people while climate change is leading to many disasters.