Find Your Passion and Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Will Follow

The best way to start a successful business is to do something that you are passionate about, something that interests you. Many people say that they don’t know what interests them but that’s because they’re not thinking deep enough. If you honestly believe that you have no skill or knowledge than you are selling yourself way short. Every single person reading this article has some sort of skill or knowledge that could be the foundation for a successful business.

The key is to stop and think about all of your life experiences and how they’ve shaped you into who you are today. Create lists and think about the following:


  • What hobbies have you ever pursued?


  • Have you ever done any volunteer work?


  • Is there a time when you have helped someone with the problem and felt good about?


  • What types of things are you interested in or that you’re good at?


Sometimes you must think carefully about all your interest, hobbies, and areas that you excel in. This exercise may even require writing down and answering a series of questions to really get your thoughts moving.


Consider the following questions to get an in-depth perspective of where your individual skills and interests lie:


  1. What types of sports do I play?


  1. If you had $1 million and a month’s worth of free time to do whatever you like, what would you do? Be as specific as possible and write down whatever comes to mind


  1. When you’re surfing the web, what sites do you find yourself frequenting the most? What topics do these sites cover?


  1. Have you ever won a championship or an award of some sort?


  1. Have you ever been recognized for some sort of contribution or service that you performed? What was it?


  1. Do you have any pets? What kind?


  1. Do you have children or siblings? What do you like most about being a parent or brother or sister? What is the most challenging?


  1. What type of education do you have? What types of hobby classes have you taken?


  1. What kind of experience in volunteer work do you have?


  1. What accomplishments in your life are you most proud of?


  1. Do you have any illnesses?


  1. Are you a collector of any sort?


  1. What do you watch on television? What’s your favorite kind of music? Are you a fan of the arts?


  1. Is there anything that you’ve ever wanted to know more about but felt that you lacked the time?


Once you answer these questions, look for the answers that gave you the strongest responses as these will most likely lead you to the market that you should target with your business.