Upcoming Events at Downtown Brooklyn Library: Financial First Aid!


The vast majority of cities and towns in the US have libraries, but few have a library system with as many resources, events, and community support as the Brooklyn library system. Downtown Brooklyn’s branch, however, is something unique and special even within this unparalleled system.

The Downtown Brooklyn branch is not a “regular” library either. Called the “Business Library,” it’s history in fact predates that of the Brooklyn Library system itself, dating back to 1852. It has, for most of the time since then, served primarily as a resource for businesses, entrepreneurs, and private citizens with business, employment, and money management concerns.

Considering how many people today have employment and money management concerns, one might expect Downtown Brooklyn’s Business Library to be overrun with the unemployed and financially strapped. The library does after all, offer a number of workshops, seminars, and one-on-one counselors to help with these issues.

For instance, almost every day of the week for several hours a day the library offers one-on-one sessions with a business counselor and several other days a week offers one-on-one career and job development sessions with another professional.

Sessions like this are incredibly valuable and in fact can cost hundreds of dollars if sought from the private sector.

An event later this week titled “Financial Fitness Series: Repairing Your Credit” is given by Citibank representatives on “why a healthy credit rating is important and how to improve your score.” That’s coming straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.


So if you are like 90% of Americans today and have financial problems or concerns, check out the Business Library’s “Programs and Services” tab at its home site here, and see if they aren’t offering something you desperately need.


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