Business Access: Sprint Blackberry Curve vs. T-Mobile Blackberry Curve

As a reluctant business blackberry user, I have grown accustomed to it. In business, I just needed a phone at first. I initially used the blackberry pearl for business. Texting with the blackberry pearl was a pain. As I progressed to the Blackberry curve, I had a few choices. I considered the blackberry curve from sprint vs the blackberry curve from t-mobile. Here are three things I considered before making the final blackberry business choice.

Blackberry Sprint Curve Vs T-mobile curve: Trackball

This is somewhat of a trick statement for blackberry users. I would liken it to say how many people did Moses take on the ark? The answers, Moses was not on the ark; it was Noah. Blackberry Sprint’s curve has a trackball with issues while T-Mobile curve has no trackball. Sprint’s blackberry has a trackball that sticks and many times has to be fixed. The sprint blackberry trackball jumps around and more often than not and responded lethargically. T-Mobile’s track pad is vastly superior to Sprint’s latency issued trackball. In business time is money so the T-Mobile blackberry with a track pad is a clear winner here.


Blackberry Sprint Curve Vs T-mobile curve: Navigation

This Blackberry thought too is somewhat of a trick statement for navigation users. T-Mobile does not have a navigation on the phone. There are application you can get from the blackberry Apps world, but there is not natural navigation. Sprint has a natural navigation that comes standard with your blackberry. I used it many times when I got lost. I relied upon the Sprint blackberry navigation regularly and look forward to using it on T-Mobile. I was sad to find out there was not a similar application on T-Mobile. I instead used mapquest mobile on the phone. I ultimately needed to use the Internet to get access to mapquest mobile, but in a jam in the middle of nowhere on a rain cold night with little gas, T-Mobile got me exactly where i needed to go with Mapquest.


Blackberry Sprint Curve Vs T-mobile curve: Crash

While I had the blackberry pearl, I had a few crashes but the phone had solid battery life. When I worked with the Sprint Blackberry Curve, it too had a solid battery life though it crashed weekly. The crashes were primarily a result of too many e-mails coming to the blackberry. The T-mobile blackberry curve crashed daily. Sometimes the blackberry crashed two of 4 times daily. On occasion, the T-mobile blackberry crashed because it did not hold a charge. The first blackberry T-mobile I had crashed, frequently. I currently have the second one and expect my third Blackberry to arrive within the week. The blackberry currently holds a charge for roughly 2 hour max without frequent use. With frequent use, the blackberry holds a charge for roughly 45 minutes to an hour.


Blackberry Sprint Curve Vs T-mobile curve: Cost

While the service for both plans in my opinion are comparable. I will admit the cost of the T-mobile phone and plan was about $200 cheaper to start on an annual contract basis. The monthly cost was roughly the same with the data plan included. Honestly the cost of the T-mobile monthly plan might be roughly 10 more a month. So in short after 20 months of a 2 year contract you are paying more for the T-mobile Blackberry than the Sprint Blackberry. I personally like the T-mobile blackberry better than the sprint phone though the voice command navigation was a huge plus on the sprint plan. At this time with the sprint plan, I just use via the web when I get lost. While I miss the voice prompts giving me direction, I still get to the location when I need to get there.


With consideration of the Trackball, navigation, crashing, and cost I would say sprint blackberry slightly edges out the T-mobile phone. However, I went through 5 sprint phones and never got to one that quite worked properly. I am only on my 3rd T-mobile phone so technically the jury is still out on this debate. T-mobile had great customer service with their phone and I appreciate how they have responded to all my concerns without me having to be belligerent. On a pure like or dislike, I like the T-mobile phone just wish it was on the sprint plan with navigation.