The Benefits of Business Coaching

There are many people that specialize in coaching. Football and basketball coaches, life coaches, and even voice coaches, so when starting a new adventure or investing time into a certain interest, it only makes sense to hire someone that knows the ins and out’s. For instance, when learning how to play a sport, an athlete needs to be taught how to run a play, hike a ball, hit one out of the park, or how to slam dunk.

A voice coach helps an aspiring vocalist reach those high notes, and a life coach mentors and gives practical direction to their students or clients. Considering these things, why wouldn’t a soon- to- be business owner hire one?


Business coaches are highly valuable. Because they’ve been in the client’s shoes they can relate to where they are, where they’ve been, and where they are trying to go. They’ve had to overcome the obstacles that the clients are facing and have made it over the same mountain that they are trying to climb.


There are different stages of coaching. The initial session is usually a meet and great. This helps the coach and client get to know each other. The coach can share the experience they have in their field and the client can share what interests them and what they see for their future.


If the client is in the initial stages of starting a business, they don’t always know how to get the ball rolling and some may not even know what kind of business they want to start. If this is the case, the coach can help them identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as develop a game plan.


A coach is greatly skilled and uses various techniques to help the client unearth their talents. For instance the coach will give assignments for the client to complete so they can be discussed in the next session. This is beneficial because if a client wants be an event planner, the coach can have them research the industry, and then create and plan an event such as a children’s party, anniversary, or family reunion. It’s through this research that the client will discover if this is actually their niche, and if it isn’t, the coach will change gears and move in a different direction.


In addition to weekly assignments, coaches provide resources to their client. The can recommend the best web hosting companies, the most affordable office products, and an easy way to market their products and services. This information is important to the small business owner that is trying to manage their time and save money.


Even though the client is excited about their progress and they are ready to spread their wings, they have to be flexible in the amount of time that it takes to start and finish the coaching sessions. Depending on the needs of the client, sessions can last anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, but this is a suitable amount of time for the coach to determine when the client is ready to take the reigns and venture out.


In the end, the client has gained confidence, new skills, and motivation, with encouragement from their coach. They are better educated and have a sense of accomplishment knowing they can start their new business and succeed.