How to Beat Recession with Cleaning Business

World recession has led us to realize that having a side business to supplement your income is definitely a good idea. You may sometimes need to supplement your income to get a better standard of living or maybe sometimes you may feel like changing your job. Whatever the situation may be, a cleaning business is just the right thing for you.

If you’re ready to start a cleaning business, here are some tips that can help you get customers even in uncertain and poor economic times. I have a prospering cleaning business that has been running for four years now. It was started during the time when people were keeping a tight hand on their pockets. Therefore, probably I am the best person to suggest tips on how to prosper your cleaning business in hard economic times.


The basic requirement, as in any other business, is to think outside the box. If you ask someone about cleaning business, the first thing that comes to mind is housecleaning. However, if you limit yourself to home cleaning only, you will never be able to go beyond that.


Home cleaning clients provide enough funds for your business, but if you’re willing your business to stay steady then you need to realize that others are failing because their focus is too very narrow. Therefore it is required that you explore other sides of cleaning business.


Some of the ideas you can implement in your cleaning business:

Office cleaning

Windows cleaning

Apartment cleaning

Cleaning when it is like cars, boats, etc

one-time jobs like cleaning of garages or basements

cleaning on certain occasions such as birthday parties or other parties


This list could go on and on and the limit is unknown. You can every time think of something new and supplement your business. I feel that one-time jobs can be quite lucrative. However it is not wise to count on them for your bread-and-butter.


It is also important that you make note of charges taken by your competitors. It may happen that you charge more than your competitors and end up in getting no jobs or lesser jobs than them. You must also take note of whether they charge cancellation fees or any hidden extras. It must also be found that whether they give any discount to their regular clients and whether they charge extra if they have to travel past a certain distance. Knowing the form of payments that they accept may also help you perform better than your competitor in the cleaning business.


The last thing that you should consider when starting a cleaning business is about its marketing. Word of mouth does work here. Another good way to market your cleaning business is by giving classified ads in newspapers and on internet.