The Winning Mindset for Online Entrepreneurs

The mindset required to be an entrepreneur online is essentially the same as that required to an entrepreneur off-line. The mindset of an entrepreneur is composed of specific beliefs, values, thoughts and idea. His mindset helps him succeed, by taking actions that are congruent to it. Here is a general outline of what an entrepreneur thinks like: ¬†An entrepreneur is responsible for his life and business. He does not blame his family, his neighbors, his dog, his circumstances or God for what’s going on in his life and business.

An Entrepreneur begins with the end in mind. He is very clear about what he wants. He plans his work and works his plan.

An entrepreneur plays on the court rather than sits on the side line watching others play.

An entrepreneur is disciplined enough to not let unjust criticisms and temporary setbacks upset him (God knows he receive a lot of it). They are pretty thick skinned to what their family, neighbors, or friends have to say. At the same time he is not arrogant. He gives people a patient listening and takes in constructive criticism, discarding the rest.

An entrepreneur does not wait for all signals to turn green. He deals with the red ones, when he reaches them and never before. He takes one step at a time.

An entrepreneur plays to win. He does not play to try, or to not fail, like most people do.

An entrepreneur is persistent. He might fall and get bruised several times. He just gets back up, thinks “That was interesting”, dusts himself clean and move on with his head held high. He will never give up. If he doesn’t get the result one way, he will try another way.

An entrepreneur is willing to lose. This doesn’t mean that he wants to lose, but just that he is willing to take calculated gamble. Most people don’t even start, just out of fear of losing.

An entrepreneur does not fear failure. He understands that failure is a part of life. He learns from them, rather than sits and brood about it.

An entrepreneur promotes and markets his-self and his ideas at every opportunity he get, where as most people hate selling or marketing.

An entrepreneur is an excellent receiver. He is willing to receive success, compliment, good publicity, good news, profit, and happiness and is just as much willing to receive failure, criticism, bad publicity, bad news, lose and sadness. He understands that you cannot have one without the other.

An entrepreneur is willing to get paid based on his results, rather than on the time he spent to achieve it. Most people won’t be willing to work for months without pay, but an entrepreneur will.

An entrepreneur has a ‘both’ mentality rather than an ‘either/or’ mentality. You have people who say that you can either have fun or make money, but in his world, it is possible to have both.

An entrepreneur values his, and other’s time more than anything else in the world. He understands that his time on this planet is limited, and does not delude himself into ideas that, he has all the time in the world.

An entrepreneur is just a normal man/woman like you and me. He has fears and worries too. What separates him from the rest is that, he acts despite the fear, where as most people are paralyzed into inaction.

An entrepreneur is always open to learning new things. He understands that the day he stops learning, he is dead. Most people on the other hand, have the notion that education ends with school or college.

Last and not the least, an entrepreneur is highly charitable, not just with his money, but also with his time, his knowledge and effort. He is always willing to donate money for a good cause. He is always willing to mentor someone. He understands that what ever he gives out, he will always get it back many fold. Some call it karma. Some call it ‘giving back’.