Attempts to Meet the Needs of the Hip-Hop Culture

Think digg or netvibes aimed specifically at one demographic-hip-hop culture. Imagine RSS feeds and widgets geared to meet the needs of consumers, not necessarily the tech savvy. Take CEO and President Navarrow Wright, former web designer, programmer, and chief technology officer for BET, and combine his know-how with the experience, knowledge and ideas of hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons. The end result is Global Grind, a website specifically aimed at the hip-hop demographic and culture in hopes of getting them to gather, collect, share and find data relevant to them in one

What is Global Grind?

In their own words, Global Grind says that, “it’s the global view of all the content that is relevant in the hip-hop community.” The website, modeled after and pulling components from such social networking sites as Facebook, Netvibes, and digg, is the vision of Navarrow Wright and Russell Simmons. However, unlike websites that are hoping to appeal to the masses, the intended audience for Global Grind is clear. Because they aren’t trying to reach everyone, they have more freedom with their design and features. Wright informed Lindsay Campbell in a recent Wallstrip interview that there isn’t one place online that meets the needs of the hip-hop community, and that he and Simmons feel that Global Grind can be that place. Wright defines himself as part of this demographic, and is working hard to have the site meet his needs, too. His vision is clear.

What makes Global Grind unique?

In a recent interview with Lindsay Campbell on Wallstrip, Navarrow sat down and went into detail about the vision for Global Grind. In addition to their unique and specific audience, Global Grind is attempting to consumerize widgets and RSS feeds, which he feels that up until now haven’t really been understood and utilized by American consumers. They hope to make their site more user-friendly and hands-on, and to meet the needs of their clientele through this attention to detail.

Global Grind is planning a big year in 2008 with a site re-design and added press attention. They are hopeful to draw in the hip-hop community, and were even mentioned in a recent episode of Run’s House on MTV. Their goal, today’s media geared towards the hip-hop audience and culture, seems clear cut and well designed.

You can view Navarrow Wright’s complete interview with Lindsay Campbell on Wallstrip here.


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