“Power UP!” Awards $25k to Would Be Brooklyn Entrepreneurs

The “Power Up!” contest does more than simply give money to individuals with a business plan. It consists of a series of free classes and seminars, most of which are located at Downtown Brooklyn’s Business Library branch, with a few extra presented at St. Francis College.

There is a catch of course: you must be a Brooklyn resident and have a library card.

Since 2003, the Brooklyn Public Library’s Business Library Success Council has teamed up with the Citi Foundation to award three entrepreneurs who submit the best business plans, after attending three of four classes.

The classes will “help you write, research and present your business plan” which is then judged by a strict set of criteria. Fifteen thousand dollars cash is awarded to first place and five thousand dollars cash is awarded to the two runner-ups.

The 2010 competition is closed, with a mere 60 would be Brooklyn entrepreneurs competing for the twenty five thousand dollar prizes. For attending three classes, that seems like pretty good odds.

The 2011 program will be starting up sooner than you may imagine: the classes for the 2010 program were all scheduled in May and June. There has never been a better time to start thinking more seriously about that business idea you’ve had floating around the back of your mind.

Check the PowerUP! Website for more information.


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