Factors to Consider – Organizing House Spaces for Small Business Entrepreneur Owners

There has been an increased number of home-based small business emerging everywhere through out the United States.

This is the generation X and Y; entrepreneurs are what everyone hears and know.

Average houses might have 5 rooms, a finished basement and a garage.

Small business entrepreneur owners are facing a problem with the space in the house and how to organize that to provide them with what they need for running the business successfully.

In general, those who operate home-based enterprises, make extra space by converting basements, guest bedrooms or attics into offices and garages into warehouses. In that case they keep the space simple and eliminate traffic to that area, pets interference or house birds.

Most likely entrepreneurs stick with items that are critical or highly useful, rather than stylish or decorative. And in some cases, they invest in compact technology-laptops, wireless printer-scanner hybrids and other devices that take up minimal space. Usually that works great.

There are several factors to consider when establishing a home office. The set up should help you with your productivity, keep the business organized and clutter-free. Avoid having a small refrigerator in the office, that will be a great distraction. If you have a TV set int that room don’t put it on for day time television. These items may be under your control, then you have to look at the external factors that could be a big distractions in your day.

After observing them for a little and based on your neighbors daily routine and behavior, you should determine which room in the house is a the best choice.

Diverting potential distractions might be difficult to overcome. It’s summer and you want to keep the window open; the neighbor starts mowing their lawn and you’re on an important call. The kids are on vacation and across the street have a pool party. A bus or garbage truck drives by. you can hear everything.

There are few things you can do about all that, start with a headset with a mute button – is an essential tool for keeping disruptive noises at bay.

More tips:

Give room a clam feeling and have plenty of light so you can concentrate on work and not feeling trapped.

Set up working hours and keep the family preoccupied before you are “home from work.”

With effective time management, you can squeeze more productivity out of each day – and actually accomplish more. If necessary hire a Virtual Assistant, that will save you some time and keep your stuff organized.

Lessons for the Small Business from Avatar: Trends and Growth Lead to Change, a Closed Mind May Lead to Failure

ShowAs the story line unfolds, there are those who insist on doing things the way they have always been done. Closed minds lead to the inability to see possibilities. These individuals are incapable of seeing past the norm and accepting anything different.

As in most story lines, there is the other side. There are those who seek to understand, and are willing to open their minds to new possibilities. They are willing to consider something other than the norm.

How does that apply to the business world?

Building something from the ground up can have an emotional impact on individuals. When a business owner struggles to bring an idea into reality, they can fall in love with that creation. As the business fulfills the needs of a family, putting food on the table and sending the kids to school, a bond is established. That bond, between the creator and the created, is easy to see but difficult to break.

In some cases, it is a sad fact that a business will go under, due to the lack of an open mind and a willingness to accept change. Accepting change can become easier, if the creator of the business is willing to see the creation as something that can grow and change as needed.

While small business trends tend to change from year to year, it is a good idea to stay on top of the current issues which small business owners may face. Subscribing to Business Growth Trends will allow for access to this type of information. Along with information concerning business trends; this website also includes information on business resources and financial information.

Below are a few ways to help establish an open mind and ensure a better a transition toward growth and new industry trends.

Attend Trade Shows

Stay on top of the newest trends in the industry. Attend trade shows and conventions. This a great way to discover what others are doing, and learn more about new technology that may be making an impact on a particular customer market.

Read and Subscribe

Subscribe to magazines and other trade publications. Don’t stop there, locate the most popular websites within a trade industry and register to receive updates. This allows for information to flow into the business on a daily basis.

Join Associations

Opening a business is just the beginning. As the world changes, so does the technology within the business world. By joining associations and organizations that are dedicated to certain industries, a business owner is more likely to learn about the newest and hottest trends.

Continue to Learn

It is important to realize that as technology and knowledge increase, the business owner must keep up. Make education within your field a priority. According to Connie Podesta, many choose not to change out of fear. Reading her article, Why Accepting Change is Vital to Your Professional Success. can be a step toward having an open mind.

Bring New Ideas and Services to Customers

By putting a company at the front line of new products and services, a business owner is able to increase the value offered to customers. Customer loyalty and confidence can be built when new advancements in a business, create a greater perceived value.

Be Willing to Educate

Although new ideas and new ways of doing things are easier to accept for some people, there are those that have difficulty accepting change. Take the time to educate your customers about the reason for any changes. Allow them to voice their concerns or uneasiness, while reassuring them that the business has not changed, only the way some things are done.

Have an Attitude of Growth

With new trends, and cutting edge technology, may come some very expensive changes. An attitude of growth will allow a professional to see beyond the current customer base and recognize the needs of the community. There are always ways to improve. Reach out to the community, letting people know about the positive changes made and how they may be served by them.

Accept Change with an Open Mind

Having a closed mind does not allow for personal growth, or the acceptance of change. Looking beyond today and into tomorrow will allow for any needed changes. Competition can be difficult, economic downturns are not easy, but there is always room for an open mind.

Evaluate Business Trends Today

Take the time to evaluate the business as it is today. The evaluation process will be different for every field of interest. However there are a few steps that can lead to being better prepared.

  • What changes have come within this field and how have they impacted the business as a whole?
  • What changes can be seen on the horizon?
  • Will the changes make an old system obsolete?
  • Will the changes create new opportunities and a new customer base?
  • What type of education will be needed to stay on top of the changes that are coming?
  • Will the business be able to survive without incorporating the changes that are coming?
  • If so, how will it impact the business as a whole?

Change does Come

As the movie Avatar points out, changes do come. How a business deals with change and the impact, will have a lot to do with the survival of that business. Although survival may be important, economic stability is extremely important. A business that is merely surviving may be a business that needs to evaluate where it stands.

Owning a business can be a great experience. A successful business will continue to grow with the trends. The way it has always been done, may not always be the answer to growth. Look to the future, with an open mind and willingness to learn and grow.