Know Your Customers

samplesDo you serve themor just depend on them to buy from you? Gaining a competitive advantage is not easy for an entrepreneur even a small business. If you focus on certain customers and send them a warm but enticing messages, you can achieve great results through true Customer Knowledge.

What is gained by knowing your customers? Two things; (1) getting to them through their affective or emotional state and (2) knowing how to apply the benefit of the product or service.

Other factors can be considered, like price, location, quality and much more, but nothing speaks like emotions overcome by benefit. What do your customers really want when they buy from you? Even if they are buying from someone else they still want something that saves them time, makes them look good, even makes them feel good when their sick. It could be a gift their after, or a small item to make someone else feel or look good. Spend time knowing what they want and for what or whom.

Spending Time

You will need to spend some time gathering information about your customers. Some companies have covered the United Stated end to end in search of customers that potentially have interest in what they sell. Do you know what you sell? Do you know everything you sell or offer? Take the customer test: write everything down that you sell and see if you can pick out one or two things or services that you think a customer will like the most. This is called setting priorities my friends. Hard isnt it? Well join the club; its only hard because you are not the customer, so be the customer. Go and get some customers, offer them something for nothing (within reason of course) and they will be thankful and probably tell other people who are potential customers.

How? Think of ways to catch their heart, emotions with benefit. Give them options, alternatives and goodies, and more goodies. For example, if you send a letter to a customer telling them about your dynamic new product, send them a product (or sample)for free! Give them options to get more, give them alternatives between products, and throw in a calendar, pen or something warm.

To gain your customers buying strength you need to know a few things. First, no customer wants to just stop by just to chat, if they do, they are not there to buy. The most often want to buy something or get ideas (what a novel concept) of things to buy. Second, more times that you can imagine customers will already have in mind what they are after, if you trap them into buying your “on-sale” items they won’t come back. Instead, try offering a sale brochure or featured items list for that week or month; offer it to them with a free calendar or pen, or something useful.