The Young and The Successful Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs at increasing rates have taken over the web to become millionaires. College is a particle of fun compared to achieving a flood of millions at a young age. This dynamic generation of young entrepreneurs who don’t fit the traditional educated mold are charting their way to success. More and more adults 18-34 will choose to quit their dead end job where there is no future to even maintain the gas prices and take a leap of faith in owning their own business. According to the staggering statistics of Gallup studies, seven out of ten high school students want to start their own companies. With promising ideas and a market base that can reach internationally ,young entrepreneurs are achieving success.

Instead of wasting their cars engine it is being replaced with turning on the search engines on the web to achieve the desired education to get to their destination. There is a wide range of education offered through the web, television and books. If you type in the word “entrepreneur” in any search engine it is devoured with content on achieving entrepreneurial education. There are television shows, such as Donald Trump’s, “Apprentice” and Donny Deutsch, “The Big Idea,” which is reshaping entertainment for young entrepreneurs. There is an insurmountable mountain of books and e-books on, “How to start your own business.” Education is at the finger tips of entrepreneurs, it was just matter of time before teens start listening to the advice, “Mind your own business,” from their parents to start utilizing it. The point is regardless of whether these young entrepreneurs are just beginning or working on their umpteenth business venture, this is what is next for generations to come. “The young, the rich and the fabulous.”


In to 2009 there will be an overwhelming amount of young entrepreneurs seeking financial freedom. It will include those who are 18-34 just getting started, well on their way and the entrepreneurs who already have success. The young entrepreneurs think different from the past entrepreneurs; this present community of entrepreneurs will grow together and support one another in business ventures. The capacity of knowledge these entrepreneurs receive on a daily basis outdates the wisdom of grandparents. Being a young entrepreneur has no means of any holds of negative cultural provocations as to where a person attends school, grew up or ethnic origin. The only education that a person needs to start their own business is belief, an idea and takes the action to do so. It is no longer the industrial age mindset of the baby boomer era of going to school and getting a good paying job any more. Young entrepreneurs are finding the key to success is getting educated on what they love to do.

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